A 6-second guide to twitter’s new vine app


1.  Vine is the new mobile service that lets you shoot short video loops 6 seconds long and share them on your twitter account. Here’s a (clean) example/review from ex-Microsoft man @CraigFifield.

2.   Vine is currently available free via www.vine.co for iPhone and iPod touch. After installing vine on your device, you sign up using an email address or sign in with your twitter account.

3.  To create a 6-second vine:

  • Click the camera icon on the top right of the home page. This takes you to a separate page with a camera view, a status bar at the top, and an X to exit
  • Hold your finger on the screen to start recording, A green line appears on status bar (right) showing how much of your 6 seconds is left
  • Remove your finger to stop recording.

4.  Find people you know through your device’s address book, people you follow on twitter, or your facebook friends. You can also search for people on vine, or invite them via text or email.

5.  An ‘explore’ section lets you find videos from the vine community. Use ‘explore’ to check out popular posts and hashtags, editor’s picks, and the most recent posts from around the globe.

6.  Profiles and videos on vine are public, and anyone on the service can view them. If you use vine to create a video and you choose not to share it, the video will be accessible only through the camera roll on your device.

OK, that took you longer than 6 seconds to read. But in fairness, my sentences were about 6 seconds apiece.

Apparently, the hot phrase of the moment is: ‘Quiet for 6 seconds, you guys, I’m vine-ing!’


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